Fees and appointment policy

We take your healthcare seriously, and hopefully reading through this website shows that we love our jobs and what we do.

In order to look after you properly, it’s important we get to know you as well as we can. As such all new patient appointments are given at least 30 minutes so we can address the concern you came with, as well as go through your past history and background as thoroughly as possible and perform an examination.

If you feel there are lots of issues you want to catch up on, please book an extended 45 minute appointment or call if you feel you may need longer.

The length of the consult often is dictated by the needs and complexity of the presenting issue or issues.

Our consult fees are as follows:

MBS Item No.DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
23Standard Consultation (up to 15 mins) Level B$85.00$38.75$46.25
36Long Consultation (up to 30 mins) Level C$145.00$75.05$69.95
44Prolonged Consultation (up to 45 mins) Level D$255.00$110.50$144.50
11610Measurement of Ankle-Brachial Indices (ABI)$60.00$55.85$4.15
11700ECG tracing and report$50.00$27.45$22.55
73806Pregnancy Test$10.00$8.65$1.35
MBS Item No.DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
2715Mental health care plan (>20 mins)$185.00$93.90$91.10
2717Mental health care plan (>40 mins)$255.00$138.30$116.70
2712Review of mental health care plan$145.00$73.95$71.05
AvaximHepatitis A$70.00
Be****oMeningococcal B$140.00
Boo****xDiphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (dTpa)$50.00
Dukoral – 2 DoseCholera$150.00
EngerixHepatitis B$30.00
Fluarix TetraInfluenza 4Valent$25.00
Ga****il-9Human Papilloma Virus (HPV 9 strain)$215.00
HavrixHepatitis A$70.00
Havrix (Jr)Hepatitis A$50.00
ImojevJapanese Encephalitis$340.00
NimenrixMeningococcal ACWY$90.00
StamarilYellow Fever$120.00
Tw****xHepatitis A & B$90.00
Typhim VITyphoid$70.00
Vaqta (Jr)Hepatitis A$40.00
VivaximHepatitis A & Typhoid$170.00

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