Astrazeneca and timing your 2nd dose

Jul 11

Astrazeneca and timing your 2nd dose

Pfizer Vaccine at GSH from Saturday 10th of July 1:30pm

So the PM dropped a bombshell last night.

Anyone under 40 can get the As

Apr 12

Blood clots and the COVID-19 Vaccine

I’ll keep this short, sharp and factual.

Eligibility declaration f

Mar 9

Telehealth – hopefully here to stay

It took 17 years after the invention of the stethoscope before doctors started to use them more widely. Dr Ignaz Semmelweiss

Mar 9

E-Scripts – one more step to a paperless workflow

Something changed in the way we help our patients, and it came without much fanfare. But it's something that GPs, practices a

Sep 6

Comprehensive list of services provided by the Doctors at GSHealth

The doctors at GSHealth have skills and experience across quite a big range of medical fields. It's why we're called gene

Jul 27

Masks and myths

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