Telehealth – hopefully here to stay

It took 17 years after the invention of the stethoscope before doctors started to use them more widely. Dr Ignaz Semmelweiss who realised that women in the Vienna Hospital would have a lower chance of death after delivery if people washed their hands, was fired for suggesting other doctors do as he said. Consulting patients over the phone has had a similar history in Australia. Services have existed for some time, but… Read More

E-Scripts – one more step to a paperless workflow

Something changed in the way we help our patients, and it came without much fanfare. But it’s something that GPs, practices and patients should be quite excited about, because it actually can make life a lot easier. For patients with a Health Identifier (or simply, if you have a medicare card) we’re able to deliver your script to you electronically, instead of on paper. The advantages are; less paper waste script token… Read More