Telehealth physiotherapy

Hi all! We know that safety comes first, but musculo-skeletal issues don’t wait, so we’re glad to be offering tele-health physiotherapy! We know we can’t do manual therapy at the moment, but assessment, exercises, range of motion, weight loss, exercise physiology is all possible via tele-health (via video link). For those with an existing GP management plan and a team care arrangement from their GP, and a referral, we can bulk bill… Read More

Tele-health consults

Tele-health consultations have been mentioned a lot in the last few weeks. This post is to inform you what that means for your healthcare at GSHealth, and how to book for a tele-health appointment. Tele-health Essentially tele-health is the umbrella term given to any form of ‘remote’ medical consultation. Medicare has chosen to define it as a video consultation, and consultations on the phone are telephone consultations, but both achieve a consultation… Read More

Changes at Green Square Health

Dear GS Health community, Firstly, the team would like to thank you for placing your trust in us to look after your healthcare needs. We know you have a choice, and it means a great deal that you chose us. In order to honour that trust we’ve had to make changes at GS Health to keep you, our community, healthy through this process. Safety Before all else we have decided to focus… Read More

그린스퀘어 헬스 GP Telehealth

 GP 전화 상담: 여러분의 안전을 위하여 저희 그린스퀘어 헬스에서는 3월 30일 부터 모든 상담이 영상 및 전화 상담을 통해 이루어집니다. 그린스퀘어 헬스에서는 한국인 여선생님과도 상담이 가능합니다. 한국인 Dr. Kathryn Chae과 전화 의료 상담을 하시려면를 방문하여 온라인으로 예약하십시오. 영상통화 상담: 의사선생님과 영상통화 상담을 원하시면, 휴대전화 나 컴퓨터에 ZOOM Cloud Meetings를 설치하신 후, 위의 전화 상담과 동일하게 온라인에서 예약하십오. 피부 관련 진료나 소아과 진료는영상 통화를 추천합니다

Flu Vaccine Process

Thanks for reading this page about how to get your flu vaccine. You have been directed to this page because you have been booked for a flu vaccination. Here are some things we’d like you to do to prepare for your vaccine. Arrive at your scheduled time We will book 5 people per 30 minute slot, so if you are booked for 9am, 4 other people will be here at the same… Read More

2020 Influenza vaccines

 Flu vaccines will be available at Green Square Health from Monday the 6th of April, but due to government supplies deliveries to medical centres appear to be staggered, hence we will run flu vaccine clinics to prioritise those at greatest risk of influenza in the first instance. If you are in the following groups, you will be eligible for a government funded vaccination. all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged… Read More

Telehealth Medicine – 电话远程医疗

 Telehealth Medicine – 电话远程医疗: 从2020年三月30号开始,所有的病人问诊只能预约电话远程医疗。电话远程医疗收费和以往普通门诊相同,即 Medicare诊金回扣再加部分自付费用。16岁以下的儿童以及有伤残卡或是退休金卡的病患,不用另外收费 (bulk-billed). 现阶段我们诊所的门已经关闭,任何人没有预约不可以随便进来。如果有需求必须和医生进行面诊,请先打电话进行预约,医生会安排你来诊所。 对于现有病人想要问诊,请你最好预约最近经常接诊你的医生 。 如果你需要会讲中文的医生,请和 Dr Winnie Yao 预约。 如果有需要,医生也可以给你安排视频远程医疗,收费和面对面接诊相同。 Booking for telehealth appointments – 怎样预约远程医疗 请在我们的网站上进行预约。你的预约时间有可能不准时,医生会在你的预约时间30分钟前或60分钟后打电话给你。对此我们表示抱歉,这是因为有些病人有可能比较复杂,所以要多花时间。如果你有紧急情况,请打 000. Video consultations – 视频远程医疗 如果有必要,我们可以安排视频远程医疗。请你在你的电脑或手机上安装 ZOOM cloud meetings应用程式。

Getting a good nights sleep

Sleep is both an incredibly important and time consuming part of our daily lives, and is vital in our health. Poor sleep can cause significant health problems in the short and long term, and if left unattended, some of these can even be irreversible! So it’s only natural for us to have the best night sleep possible, in both length and quality. After an ideal night’s sleep, you wake up refreshed, energised… Read More

The Pill: Myths and misconceptions

Dr Winnie talks about some of the common myths and misconceptions about the oral contraceptive pill here. Check out a bit more info about your contraceptive choices at

Fires, smoke and asthma

In the last fortnight we had some pretty hazy days in Sydney, and I’m sure for the asthma sufferers you knew it was going to be hazy from the wheezy sleepless night before. In weather like this, though central Sydney is protected from the immediate danger of the fires, the smoke can be as deadly in some situations. If you suffer from Asthma it’s really important you have enough of your reliever… Read More