Flu Vaccination


Information for individuals

In 2018 there will be several changes to the influenza vaccinations available, depending on age and medical background.

Free vaccines (government funded)

Ages 6 months to under 5 years

Patients aged 6 months to 4 years and 11 months (under 5) will be eligible for a free influenza vaccination through NSW Health. These will be stocked at GS Health. It has always been recommended that children in this age group be immunised against influenza, however for the first time the NSW government has funded this, so patients can receive the vaccine at no cost.

Patients aged 5 years and over with medical conditions including;

  • Cardiac disease

  • Chronic respiratory conditions

  • Chronic neurological conditions that impact on respiratory function (multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders)

  • Impaired immunity including HIV, malignancy, organ transplant recipients, chronic steroid or immune modulator use

  • Children aged 6-10 years with chronic aspirin usage

  • All adults over the age of 65 years (a special vaccination that elicits a higher response is available for this group)

  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 15 years and over

  • All pregnant women (influenza immunisation can be given at any stage of pregnancy)

Private vaccines:

If you do not fall into the categories above, ie are healthy but want to reduce your chance of contracting influenza, you can receive a quadrivalent (4 strain) influenza vaccination for $20. Let us know at the time of booking, or tell your doctor during your consultation.

Information for businesses

A great way to keep your team healthy through the flu season is to provide the opportunity for your staff to be vaccinated. Time constraints are one of the most cited reasons for not getting the flu shot.

From a business perspective absenteeism due to illness can significantly impact your costs, especially if it takes more than a week to recover. However following an influenza infection there can be ongoing symptoms, lethargy and secondary infections that continue to effect productivity.

We can arrange on site vaccinations for your workplace depending on location and number of people needing vaccination. Vaccinations can be purchased for your team to attend our clinic if they have missed the onsite program, or if it suits them better.

If you would like to offer your workforce the influenza vaccination please contact our practice manager by calling (02) 9699 8111 or using the form on the contact us page.