Flu vaccine 2018

As autumn creeps in the coughs and runny noses will well and truly take hold. We can all do a few things to try prevent catching respiratory viruses, namely lots of hand washing.

If you might have a cold or a flu make sure you sneeze into a tissue and throw it away immediately, cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands frequently.

Although it might be the best look, a mask can help spread droplets if you can’t control your coughing (or those of your colleagues).

An added prevention of course is the influenza vaccine. Last year was a real doozy of a season. This year there have been some changes to the programme to reduce the number of people infected with influenza.

Firstly, vaccines to children aged 6 months to under 5 years is now free. If your young one has never had a flushot before, they’ll need an initial vaccination, and a booster in 1 month.

There’s also a new extra strong vaccine with three strains to invoke a better response in people aged over 65 years. This is also provided free. If you’d like more information check our influenza vaccination page or our influenza page.