Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I email forms to you for the Doctor to fill out?
A: All forms require an appointment with the Doctor. Please bring all relevant documentation and insurance paperwork required to your consult.
If you require documents to be filled out after your consult their may be a non-rebatable fee.

Q: Can you email me my results / tell me my results over the phone?
A: All discussion regarding Pathology and Radiology results will require a consultation with the doctor of your choice. Due to privacy and confidentiality, results cannot be emailed.

Q: Can I get a repeat of my Prescription without seeing the Dr?
A: If you are a patient of GS Health, have been seen in the last 3 months and it is a prescription that a Doctor at GS Health has previously prescribed, you can go to the “Book Online” section and request a script. There is an option to pick it up from our practice or have it faxed to a pharmacy of your choice. If the doctor deems that you need a review before issuing the script, they will deny the request and you won’t be charged. Then we encourage you to book in to see if the medication is still required, needs a change in dose or needs some other form of monitoring.

If you have not been to see a Doctor or have not been prescribed the medication before you will need to make and appointment to discuss with the Doctor.

Q: Can I get a referral to my Specialist without seeing the Dr?
A: If you are a patient of GS Health and have been seen in the last 3 months and the doctor had discussed referring you to this specialist before,  you can go to the “Book Online” section and request a referral. There is an option to pick it up from our practice or have it faxed to a your specialist. The Doctor may request you make an appointment before writing your referral.

We can not legally make a referral to a specialist without knowing about your condition, as it is a legal request for another doctor to review an issue.

Q: Do you take walk-ins?
A: We are an appointment based practice, however we do allocate spots on the day for urgent cases. Please call ahead before coming in to minimise your wait time and secure an appointment

Q: Why do you always check my details when I come in?
A: To maintain safety and quality standards,We are required to confirm your identity each time you visit us. We may ask questions including: Name, Date of Birth, Address and Contact Number

Should ask questions

These are questions we don’t get asked all that much, but believe people should to get a greater understanding of their healthcare.

Q: Why don’t you get with the times and just use email already?
A: It has been decided that email in its current form isn’t secure enough for the transmission of medically sensitive documents, as most email services are not encrypted.

If you send a file by gmail for example, it can get hacked into, it can be intercepted at your ISP or the receiving ISP, or that data can just be taken out of a server.

We do actually have secure messaging systems in place to send files between doctors and hospitals, but not all practices are on the same software hence not everything talks to each other.

We do hope that eventually when all the kinks are worked out, the My Health Record will be good at fulfilling this need. Some medical software vendors are working on client side applications that you can log into with your smartphone or home computer, and access letters, script information and other useful data via our medical software.

Q: How come you privately bill? There are so many bulk billing clinics out there.
A: The answer to this is long and windy.

It all started with the implementation of medicare in its universal form in 1984. This was a schedule of medical consultations and procedures, and acted as universal health insurance.

A few years later the concept of bulk billing was introduced, and what this meant was instead of paying a fee and getting 85% of the rebate back, doctors could agree to accept 100% of the rebate as total payment, thus having no out of pocket expense for the patient.

Unfortunately as time went on the expenses of running a medical practice increased just like any other small business. But the medicare fees were not indexed according to these expenses, not even against CPI. As such we’ve ended up in a situation where the difference in the rebate and the real world costs of a consult are far apart.

There’s currently only 3 ways around this. Save costs in the clinic (either by cutting corners any which way you can), see more patients in the same amount of time (hence not being fair on the patient or the doctor), or begin to charge the true price of medical care and give people the time and quality they need. We went with option 3.

It actually has a lovely other benefit, it attracts the doctors who like to practice slow and thorough medicine.