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Chronic Disease

The definition of chronic disease is a condition that lasts for one year or more, and requires ongoing medical care or restricts activities of daily living. More than 50% of Australians live with some form of chronic disease, and this number goes up as we age.

Identification, treatment and ongoing management of chronic disease is what makes general practice different to most other specialties because your GP will get to know you and how you live with your chronic disease better than any other doctor over time.

Our job is to keep your symptoms to a minimum, manage your condition optimally using the best available evidence using all methods and means (pharmacological and lifestyle), and keep you out of hospital.

People who have a chronic disease requiring extra work to keep the condition under control, may be eligible for a GP Management Plan, which is performed with your doctor and one of our nurses once we have got to know you. This sets specific goals we want to achieve for your management and can be reviewed every 3-6 months to ensure we’re on track. This is an extra service on top of any regular consultations you might need and is bulk billed to eligible patients. Your doctor will inform you if you’re eligible and this is necessary.

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