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Immunisations are an excellent form of preventative healthcare with vast amounts of research performed into the safety and effectiveness of each vaccine. The routine schedule of vaccinations provides good protection for people living and working in Australia, but some conditions that are less common are not covered.

An example of this is meningococcal B , which is increasing in prevalence since we’ve done such an excellent job in reducing meningococcal C in Australia.
It may eventually become part of the government schedule, but at present is available as a private vaccine, and available at GS Health.

Certain groups at particular risk can receive vaccinations funded by the commonwealth government or the NSW government in the form of catch, and these are stocked at GS Health. Please visit our catch up vaccinations page for more information.


Seasonal influenza immunisation is also available at GS Health and covers 4 strains, or in 2018 3 extra strong strains for patients 65 years and older. Having had the worst influenza season on record in NSW in 2017 (and guys, trust me it was a bad one), we highly encourage anyone who can receive the vaccination to get it.

Employers can also arrange vaccinations for their employees, and if there are enough of you we can visit your workplace. Visit our workplace vaccinations page or contact us for more information.

If you’re after vaccinations before you head away, rest assured you’re in good hands. Visit our travel health page for more information on the suggested vaccinations for your destination.

Travel planning and advice is critical particularly for more adventurous travel (which comes with adventurous activities and eating), and making sure your health is well covered before stepping out of your comfort zone.

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