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Preventative Health

Preventative medicine to us is more than just identifying all your risk factors and working to mitigate them. It’s also getting to know our patients thoroughly so we know when things aren’t quite right and establishes trust and understanding between us. The importance of this can not be overstated.

Prevention comes in many forms, from the simplest things we do every day such as sleep and what we eat, to being more active with both intentional and incidental exercise.

Immunisations, travel advice and vaccinations, cancer screening (cervical, breast and bowel), age specific health checks, sexual health checks and skin checks are great examples where we put prevention into action.

It’s in our logo and we strongly believe in the power of Preventative Healthcare.

At GS Health we encourage new patients to book in for at least a 30 minute initial consultation. This allows us to get some extra information about your family history in detail, your personal history, and look at some risk factors for chronic disease.

If you have substantial medical history then 45 minutes is encouraged.

If you absolutely need to just pop in for a cold we’re happy to accommodate you, but encourage coming in again when you’re well to go over things in more detail. From then on we know you well and everything is a much easier fix!

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