Childhood vaccinations and developmental screening

Childhood vaccinations and developmental screening

The childhood immunisation schedule is a document based on years of scientific evidence, debates and consensus on the most efficient and safest way to keep our most vulnerable patients health.

In NSW the schedule for government supplied vaccines are as follows;

But these appointments aren’t just about making sure your child’s vaccines are up to date. It’s also an opportunity to catch up and assess how their growth and development is proceeding.

Each of the age ranges below correlate with specific chapters in the NSW Child Personal Health Record  (or colloquially known as the Blue Book). All children born in NSW are provided with it, and children born in other states and territories have a different but quite similar copy.

Please visit the link above if you’d like to see it in another language.

The visits scheduled for children are at;

  • 1-4 weeks of age (usually 2 weeks)
  • 6-8 weeks (with immunisations)
  • 4 months (with immunisations)
  • 6 months (with immunisations)
  • 12 months (with immunisations)
  • 18 months (with immunisations)
  • 2 year check
  • 4 year check (with immunisations)

At each of these visits we measure your child’s growth, development, ensure they are meeting their expected milestones, and provide advice on any topics you need more information on.

Our appointments are booked in at 30 minutes with the doctor, with an overlapping 30 minutes with the nurse to help with the measuring of growth parameters and administering immunisations.

If you have any questions about childhood development checks or immunisations, please book in to see one of the doctors at GS Health.

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