Depression in Men

Although depression can affect men and women, sometimes the signs can be different for men, especially in the beginning.

There is an unhealthy culture of needing to be tough, self-reliant and being a leader at the cost of your own health. This can make it incredibly hard for men to acknowledge they have any health problems, let alone a mental health problem.

Depression is a serious, and very common condition which doesn’t just go away. And it is no different to any serious physical illness that needs medical attention. You wouldn’t ignore a fracture or a laceration.

The differences in men

Men will often describe more of the physical symptoms of depression, such as feeling tired all the time or losing weight, than women will. Instead of reporting sadness they may feel more irritable or angry.

Your friends may notice you don’t do the things you used to enjoy anymore, like social sports or hanging out with them after work. Your partner might notice you’re no longer interested in sex.

How common is depression?

1 in 8 men experience it at some stage in their lives. You need to know the signs to look out for, not just for yourself, but also to make sure you keep an eye on your friends and family.

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