Hepatitis B Vaccine

While all children born in Australia are offered immunisation against Hepatitis B as part of the national immunisation program, some people begin to lose their immunity into their 20’s and may either need a booster, or repeat the full course of vaccinations.

Whilst the risk to most travellers is low, it is highest risk in people engaging in unprotected sex, receiving tattoo’s or undergoing medical procedures overseas.

There are certain countries where Hepatitis B is endemic, so make sure you’re immune status is checked before you leave.

A survey has shown that about half of Australian travellers who spent at least 3 nights in Southeast or East Asia had participated in at least one activity with a risk of acquiring hepatitis B.

A full course is given as 3 vaccinations over a 6 month period (at 0, 1 and 6 months) but you can start the course and have some coverage before you head away.

The Hepatitis B vaccine also comes in a combination with Hepatitis A if this is required.


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