Pre-employment medical examinations

In order to maintain a safe and productive workplace, workplaces often ask their prospective employees to undergo a medical examination.

These are not general examinations of fitness, but should be specific for the job at hand and used to ensure people can be safe whilst performing the tasks required.

The doctors at GS Health have experience in many fields of pre-employment medicals from transportation and driving license examinations, to building and construction jobs, and jobs that require comprehensive examinations such as those on offshore oil rigs or spending long periods of time at sea.

If you have to undergo a pre-employment medical from a prospective employer, please book in a 30 minute time slot to undertake as much of the exam as possible.

Often there are two visits if blood tests, hearing tests or other examinations are required.

If you are an employer and hope to hire a lot of people at once (new project, new film) and want to discuss potentially performing a pre-employment medical on a large number of people, please contact us and ask to speak to our practice manager to arrange this.

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