Preventative healthcare for men

In the early 1990’s mens health gained prominence as an important issue after concerns than men were having poorer health outcomes to women, particularly in the preventative healthcare sphere.
Men appear to be less comfortable with the health system, understand it less, negotiate it less effectively than women do. And as such it’s hard to encourage prevention in someone who doesn’t come to see the doctor very often.

Taking time off work for healthcare can be seen as a weakness.

Men in particular seem to have less knowledge about health and specific diseases such as cancers and heart disease. That discrepancy between knowledge and ways to prevent disease suggests that increasing health knowledge will improve health outcomes. We hope that this website, and the time you spend with your doctor or nurse at GS Health helps not only to make you better, but educate you about why we do what we do, and how it impacts you directly.

Ways to engage in preventative healthcare

Find a regular doctor or clinic that you trust Having a doctor or a few doctors who get to know you over time means they understand you better as an individual
Take the time to make a long first appointment Let us get to know you better – getting older is a man is like entering bushfire season. Controlled back burning prevents catastrophe


Don’t be afraid to ask questions Your job is doing whatever you do. Our job is to look after you. It doesn’t mean you’re off the hook but ask us why and we’ll be more than glad to explain what we’re doing and why
Book in for a preventative health assessment All adults aged 45-49 and are at risk of chronic disease (sedentary lifestyle, family history, overweight, history of smoking etc) can book in for a long, thorough health assessment with the nurse and doctor where we have the time to ask about everything

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