Typhoid vaccine

Typhoid fever is common in all parts of the world except industrialised nations such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Travellers to the developing world should consider this vaccination, with the highest risk being South Asia.

Typhoid fever is a serious disease spread by contaminated food and water. It is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi.

 Although ensuring your food is clean, peeled and cooked is important, it is often not of extra reassurance to be eating at resorts and restaurants, as the food sources and chains are often the same as street side stalls.

Avoiding ice cubes, and only drinking boiled or bottled water can help prevent infections.

Symptoms of typhoid include lasting high fevers, weakness, stomach pains, headache, and loss of appetite. Some patients have constipation, and some have a rash. Internal bleeding and death can occur but are rare.

Immunisation against typhoid typically lasts 2.5-3 years, so be sure to check when you last received it.


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