Workplace injuries and workcover

Injuries that occur at work in NSW are subject to the rules of Workcover NSW.

This means that your employer will have insurance in place to help facilitate a safe and efficient return to work, without it becoming a financial responsibility on yourself.

However returning to work efficiently means understanding your field of work, and the scope to carry out other alternative tasks while you recover from your injury.

What to do if you’re injured at work

Firstly let your manager know exactly what has happened.

Often there is someone trained in first aid who will be able to provide immediate attention, and then seek help.

If you need medical attention call us at GS Health and we’ll endeavour to see you as soon as we practically can. If it seems your injury is quite extensive we may direct you to go to the hospital, but please don’t hesitate to call us first.

What kind of injuries can you look after?

Most workplace injuries that aren’t life threatening can be managed at GS Health.

If you’ve hurt a muscle or a ligament, then assessing the damage, and making a recovery plan is something we specialise in. We often ask our physiotherapy colleagues for a little help on getting you better sooner.

If you’ve cut yourself and a bandage won’t do the trick, then we can assess, clean, and repair the wound using sutures or glue or a combination of what is necessary.

Other less acute injuries that occur during the course of work, like tendonitis, strains and sprains, can all be assessed and treated.

What’s the process of workcover? I don’t want this to look bad on my employment record

Rest assured that workcover is in place only for the protection of workers. Your workplace decides if they want to claim with their own insurance provider, but this doesn’t change the workcover process – we still treat it as a work injury and as such the aim is to get you well and return to work.

When you see your doctor they will treat it like any other consultation – they’ll take a history, perform an examination, then provide appropriate treatment. The only difference is afterwards they’ll provide you with some workcover paperwork. This is mandatory and outlines how the injury happened, your place of employment, any restrictions we place on you until you get better (like you can’t lift with your left hand for 2 weeks until the sutures are removed) then a review date.

You do need to be cleared to fully return to active duties in order to avoid premature return to full function and risking any further injury.

For employers

If your workplace is nearby and you’d like people seen to as soon as possible, keep us in mind. If you would like to have a chat with our practice manager about ways to keep your workforce safe please don’t hesitate to call.

If you have a large workforce it may be worth having one or more of our doctors come and see your workplace, so in the event of an injury we can suggest alternative tasks that can be accommodated until full recovery. To arrange something like this please talk to our practice manager.

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