Workplace vaccinations

Certain workplaces are prone to infectious diseases by the very nature of the work conducted.

For example, people working in the healthcare sector – depending on their level of exposure – will be at risk for conditions such as measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, TB and pertussis.

Unless the work involves minimal contact with other people, the risk of seasonal influenza increases with the amount of exposure you have with people. Office spaces, worksites, and consulting work with appointments are prime examples. Illness with influenza often takes up to 2 weeks to recover from, and absenteeism is a significant cost on both businesses and employees.

For people working with livestock, on farms or in the meat processing industry, Q fever vaccination  can be a requirement of obtaining employment also.

At GS Health we can help organise appropriate vaccinations and certifications satisfy the necessary criteria for any workplace.

Workplace influenza immunisation:

GS Health can provide either onsite vaccinations for staff of 10 or more provided that it is in our catchment area, and all staff are available for vaccination in a 1 hour window period.

For larger organisations where more time is required, we can cover a larger catchment area. Please contact us to discuss prices and timing.

Alternatively employers can arrange for their staff to attend our clinic at their convenience for immunisation with pre-payment.

We only provide the Quadrivalent influenza vaccine at GS Health which covers 4 strains of influenza and provides the most protection.

For more information about the influenza immunisation please click here.

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