2023 Private Flu Vaccines

After a really low influenza season in 2021, and a much higher season in 2022, we’re look set to have another normal to high season in 2023, and it might be earlier than we’re used to. Usually influenza cases peak in late July to August, but they’ve peaked in May-June in the last 2 years, and looks like it might be the case again this year.

Immunisation against the flu is the best way to reduce transmission, and the severity of infection if you are infected. While NSW Health has a free program for people who are eligible, at Green Square Health we want to make sure everyone has access who wants it.

On Saturday the 18th and 25th of March GSHealth will run our private FluVax clinics, with Dr Daniel Chanisheff and Maree Hunter RN.


If you are

Then go ahead and book your flu vaccine below.

The vaccine costs $25, and you’ll need to leave payment details when you book. 

The process on the day

  • Wear a T-shirt or singlet so your shoulder is easily exposed
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your vaccination time
  • Check in at the kiosk outside, or come and let reception know you’ve arrived
  • The doctor or nurse will call you in, give you the vaccine, then ask you to wait 15 minutes afterwards
  • If you feel well after 15 minutes, you’re free to go and enjoy your day!
  • We’ll upload all your vaccine info to the Australian Immunisation Register

This is not the free vaccine!

Those haven’t arrived yet, and when they do we’ll let people know via a new post. If you are usually eligible for a free vaccine, but need to be vaccinated earlier, you can still pay the fee for the private vaccine and have this done. We can’t do this for children aged under 5, and suggest people aged 65+ await the specific vaccine for them.

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