General Practice


Monday to Friday

General ConsultationFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation$99.00$41.20$57.80
Long Consultation$165.00$79.70$85.30
Prolonged Consultation$255.00$117.40$137.60
Measurement of Ankle-Brachial Indices (ABI)$60.00$59.30$0.70
Electrocardiogram (ECG)$50.00$17.15$32.85
Pregnancy Test (Urine)$10.00$8.65$1.35
Mental HealthFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Mental Health Care Consultation$165.00$78.55$86.45
Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)$200.00$99.70$100.30
Long Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)$255.00$146.90$108.10
Review of a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)$165.00$78.55$86.45


Service DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Consultation (15 mins)$110.00$41.20$68.80
Long Consultation (30 mins)$175.00$79.70$95.30
Prolonged Consultation (45 mins)$255.00$117.40$137.60


If you’re interested in getting vaccines, please book a consultation with one of our doctors, who will provide further information for your needs.

Hepatitis A$50.00 to $80.00
Hepatitis B$30.00 to $90.00
Hepatitis A & B$90.00
Hepatitis A & Typhoid$175.00
Human Papillomavirus 9-valent$240.00
Japanese Encephalitis$390.00
Meningococcal B$140.00
Meningococcal ACWY$90.00
Rabies$150.00 to $160.00
Yellow Fever$135.00


Procedures are booked in after an initial consult with the doctor, during this consult the doctor will go through appropriate treatments and procedures for the presenting issue because of this fee will vary based on time and/or complexity. The following is to be used only as a guide, please consult with doctor regarding the fee.

Procedures FeesFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Ear Syringing$50.00
Cortisone Injection (Simple)$35.00
Cortisone Injection (Complex)$65.00
Iron Infusion$150.00 / $180.00 (Sat)
Implanon Insertion$165.00$33.15$131.85
Implanon Removal$200.00$56.55$143.45
Implanon Insertion & Removal$250.00$89.70$160.30
IUD Removal$165.00$79.70$85.30
Skin ProcedureCheck with GP





Gastroenterology (Dr Ian Lockart)

Service DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Consultant physician referred consult, initial$325.00$142.60$182.40
Consultant physician referred consult, subsequent$175.00$71.40$103.60
Consultant physician, treatment & management plan$325.00$249.40$75.60
Consultant physician, Review of treatment & management plan$175.00$124.90$50.10


Endocrinology (Dr Christopher Muir)

Service DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Consultant physician referred consult, initial$400.00$142.60$257.40
Consultant physician referred consult, subsequent$200.00$71.40$128.60
Consultant physician, treatment & management plan$500.00$249.40$250.60
Consultant physician, Review of treatment & management plan$285.00$124.90$160.10

Allied Health



Service DescriptionFeeMBS RebateOut of Pocket
Initial Private Consultation$130
Subsequent Consultations
30-minute Consultation$95.00
45-minute Consultation$95.00
60-minute Consultation$130.00
Initial Workers Comp/MVA $125.00
Workers Comp/MVA Subsequent$83.30
Initial Consultation with EPC referral$130.00$56.00$74.00
Subsequent Consultation with EPC referral$95.00$56.00$39.00