Fires, smoke and asthma

In the last fortnight we had some pretty hazy days in Sydney, and I’m sure for the asthma sufferers you knew it was going to be hazy from the wheezy sleepless night before.

In weather like this, though central Sydney is protected from the immediate danger of the fires, the smoke can be as deadly in some situations. If you suffer from Asthma it’s really important you have enough of your reliever inhaler on hand.

If you’ve been having more symptoms and using your reliever much more often, then its also time to start using your preventer as well. 

If you haven’t had an Asthma action plan, this is a great way to know how to manage your symptoms as the conditions worsen. 

If you’re having difficulty breathing and an inhaler isn’t helping no matter how many puffs you take, call an ambulance. If you’re not quite at the ambulance level then make an urgent appointment with your doctor so they can get your symptoms under control and help prevent recurrence of attacks. 

Then you can work on staying symptom free, as we have a long hot and dry summer ahead.