Join the team


Are you a GP committed to getting it right?

Are you passionate about helping your patients acheive their goals?

Do you want to work in a truly collaborative environment?

Then we might be the right place for you.

We believe that what happens before and after the consult are just as crucial as what occurs in the consult. Our team strives to make the entire experience excellent from start to finish, for both patient and practitioner.

We want GPs to focus on what they do best.

We’re still a growing business, and despite the challenges of COVID we continue to grow. Compared to the same period in 2020, we’ve had a 43% increase in consults excluding COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

We are a private billing practice, and our patients do value the time we spend with them.

Getting our GPs busy is what the management team works hard at.

We continue to review our data and provide feedback so you can always improve.

We hold monthly clinical meetings (and pre COVID hold alternating non clinical get together lunches to debrief and relax). These meetings are an opportunity to get together, discuss important topics, and shape the direction of the clinic.

We are always looking for the right person to come and make this their consulting home.

GP Registrars

Green Square Health really does pride itself on providing a supportive, structured environment for advanced GP registrars (GPT3/Extended Skills/EAF).

We know the stress of application often means you don’t get to spend the time to know the practice you are applying for. We do have an open door policy for any registrars that are considering applying to our practice in the future.

If you reach out, we can always schedule a catch up over coffee and discuss our values. This might make it easier when it comes time to apply.


Right now we’re all set for our amazing nursing team, but as we grow we’ll be looking for nurses wanting to run special clinics and services. Keep an eye out for more info later!


Our admin is truly the backbone of our clinic, and we treat this core role with the respect it deserves.

Our admin grow to understand the significant complexities of the health system, and help patients, doctors and nurses to understand and navigate it.

No two queries are the same, but at the end of the day it is an extremely rewarding role and not disingenuous to say that it has the potential to save lives and make a massive difference.

If you want to join the all star line up of admin at Green Square Health, here are a few qualities that will help you win the role:

  1. You love to learn new things, as nothing stays the same in healthcare.
  2. You feel recharged when you help others
  3. You have amazing attention to detail and take confidentiality extremely seriously

You’re the first person our patients meet, and the last to say goodbye. It can’t be understated how important this role is. Without you there is no healthcare.

Clinical Psychologists

The clinicians at Green Square Health pride themselves on the empathetic and considered care we give to our patients who are going through difficulties with their mental health. But we know that some care is best delivered by specialists in their respective field.

This is why when Green Square Health was founded, special rooms were created for the delivery of mental health consultations. These are off the main corridor track, as the consults are longer, and have more soundproofing so patients and clinicians can feel extremely confident that what is said in this safe space remains there.

We’re looking for clinical psychologists who want to grow their practice, and provide care for people who are truly looking for that right connection with their clinical team.

Clinicians who provide services including EMDR, Schema, DBT, antenatal/postnatal care, LGBTQI friendly care are extra welcome to apply.

We want our psychologists to be a part of our team, and discuss the care needs with other members of the team if needed. You are welcome to join our clinical meetings monthly also.


With an active demographic, our patients know that when injury occurs they need to invest the time in recovering properly. As such our clinical team are looking for physiotherapists who are holistic in their approach, practice evidence based care, and want to get their patients back to full form.

If you are a physiotherapist looking to build your client base with the support of an amazing team – we’re the place for you.

There is a custom physiotherapy space provided for one on one treatment, complete with a squat rack, bench, free weights, kettlebells and a treatment bed, as well as an office set up for your documentation as well as telehealth consultations.

So if you’re looking to work in a place that values your contributions, we welcome you with open arms.

If you have specialty areas of physiotherapy such as post natal and women’s care, the skills to provide fibreglass casting and splinting, perform clinical pilates and physiotherapy based training for patients wanting to improve their strength, then we’d really love to hear from you.

You are also welcome to join our monthly clinical meetings to help grow the clinic together with us.

COVID-19 Safety

Probably the most important point about practicing your skills at Green Square Health, is how we take safety seriously.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been a step ahead in terms of being prepared for telehealth, screening, immunising, and keeping our staff and patients safe.

We only allow direct booking of face to face appointments for those who are double vaccinated and have no respiratory symptoms.

Our waiting area is outside, to minimise shared air, and unless dangerous to do so we keep our doorways open for maximum airflow.

All clinical rooms (including physiotherapy and psychology rooms), as well as our offices and waiting areas have HEPA air purifiers and filters, than change the air in rooms up to 10x per hour.

CO2 monitoring also ensures that on bad weather days when the door is closed, we don’t allow air to stagnate and open doors intermittently to improve ventilation and keep fresh air circulating.

All our staff and clinical team are double immunised for COVID-19, and we offer everyone at Green Square Health annual influenza vaccinations, and an opportunity to catch up on any vaccinations important for clinical care that they may be behind on.

We see all patients in PPE including N95 masks and eye protection, with gowns as appropriate. And despite Green Square being the most densely populated locality in Australia, there have been no transmissions of COVID-19 to staff or patients at Green Square.