You might not be ready for the long term relationship we offer at GSHealth, and that’s ok! We do look after simple, one off issues as well.

If you haven’t been here before though we still ask you to book in for a new patient consultation for 30 minutes. We always need to know the basics before we sort out any issue. Your past history, allergies, medications. We’ll need to examine the issue, either with a physical examination, or a detailed chat to get to the bottom of the issue before we make a good plan to solve it. 

If we want to fix it properly, 30 minutes is the minimum time to allow for that.  

If you are really pressed for time and think it truly is really simple, give our reception a call and see if any doctors have a spare 15-minute slot on the day. We can’t always promise we can fit a new patient in 15 minutes but some days we can, so why not give it a try. 

Like all new patients it’s a good idea to list the issues before you arrive, be ready with a list of your medications and medical history including surgeries and hospitalisations, and dress comfortably if you need an examination (for example no tight jeans if you need us to examine your knee). 

If you are happy with how we helped you, why not think about continuing your healthcare with us? 

It might be worth making your next appointment 30 minutes as well so we can check your basic health information like your blood pressure and heart rate, have a listen to your heart, and prioritise any issues you might have left for another day. 

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