9 Strain HPV Immunisation/GS Health很高兴地宣布我们现在拥有9价HPV疫苗


The new 9 strain HPV vaccine is now available at GS Health.

Supplies had been limited initially for private use but now at GS Health we have significant stock in supply.

What is HPV and how is it transmitted?

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a highly transmissible virus, spread through different forms of sexual contact.

There are many different types of HPV that target different parts of the body, and there are approximately 40 types of HPV that affect the genital area and spread from person to person through sexual contact.

What are the symptoms of HPV?

Most people that have an infection with HPV are asymptomatic. Which means you can pass it on without knowing. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 Australians will have an HPV infection at some point in their lives.

HPV is responsible for genital warts also.

What is the connection between HPV and cervical cancer?

Although most HPV infections clear up on their own, and pre-cancerous lesions resolve spontaneously, there is a risk that HPV infection may become chronic and the lesions progress to invasive cervical cancer.

HPV type 16 and 18 cause 70% of cervical cancer in females, and 90% of HPV related cancer in males. Types 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 are responsible for a further 20% of cervical cancer in females, and a further 5% of HPV related cancer in males.

HPV 58 is unique that it is the 3rd ranking cause of HPV related cervical cancer in Asia (China, Taiwan,Korea, Japan).

How do I prevent HPV infection?

The HPV vaccine provide highly effective protection against the development of HPV related cancers and disease.

The best time to get vaccinated to provide the most protection is before becoming sexually active. However unless previously diagnosed with HPV related conditions, it is difficult to know what strains people have had.

There can be additional protection from having the vaccination even if you are older, or have been sexually active, or even had a proven HPV infection in the past.

How do I get the vaccination?

You first need to have a consultation with one of the doctors at GS Health. If there is no contraindication you can have the vaccine on the same day.

The vaccine needs to be given in 3 doses. This is the first day, 2 months later, and 6 months after the first.

The vaccine can be given slightly later, but not earlier than these times. If you will be away for the 2nd and 3rd vaccinations please discuss with your doctor to schedule the timing of your vaccinations.

We keep the vaccine on site at GS Health to maintain strict cold chain from manufacture, delivery and administration.

How much does the HPV vaccine cost?

The vaccine is $215 per dose. For your first appointment you will also need a consultation with your doctor, but the second and third will be administered by the practice nurse, where you only need to pay for the vaccination itself.

What about cervical cancer screening?

In Australia cervical cancer screening starts from the age of 25, if you have had any sexual activity, including same sex relationships. This is to look for HPV infection and signs of cervical cancer in women with no symptoms. If all the results are normal, the screening is repeated in 5 years.

Even if you have had all your HPV vaccinations it is important to have your cervical screening performed. In China there are 98,900 cases of cervical cancer diagnosed every year, with 30,500 deaths.

To make a booking please call GS Health on 9699 8111.

GS Health很高兴地宣布,我们现在拥有9价HPV疫苗
现在GS Health有大量的供应库存。


人乳头瘤病毒(HPV)是通过不同形式的性接触而传播, 是一个传染性强的病毒。

大约有40种不同类型的HPV, 它们针对人体的不同部位, 影响生殖器区域并通过性接触在人与人之间传播。













您首先需要向GS Health的一位医生咨询。如果没有用药的禁忌,您可以在同一天开始接种疫苗。



GS Health诊所内部储备的疫苗都严格冷藏,并且保证达制造,运输和使用过程中需要冷藏储存的要求.






要预约,请致电9699 8111联系GS Health。