Astrazeneca and timing your 2nd dose

The PM has advised people to get their second dose at the 8-week mark, and today GP’s around NSW received notification from NSW Health and the RACGP encouraging Sydney residents to have their vaccine at the 6-week mark.

Rebooking your 2nd dose of AstraZeneca

Please watch the video above, but essentially you can do the following

  1. Go to gshealth.com.au and click book online, or go to the HotDoc app (Apple App Store or Google Play)
  2. Log in to your HotDoc account (the same details used to book your first appointment)
  3. Cancel your second appointment – and it will ask you when you want to rebook – the minimum time frame here is 6 weeks between doses
  4. If you hadn’t made a second booking, do so now

That’s it!