Flu shots are back


We’ve finally received another order of flu vaccines.

If you aren’t eligible for a government funded flu vaccine, we can offer you a private quadrivalent influenza immunisation. It’s likely this will be the last batch made available to us in 2020, as there were a lot more flu shots given this year amongst everything else that has been happening.

To get your flu shot:

  1. Call 02 9699 8111 to talk with our reception team
  2. Confirm your flu clinic time slot – there will be several each day
  3. Arrive just before your time, and take a seat on one of the 5 seats to the right
  4. Call our reception on 02 9699 8111 again to let them know you’re here
  5. The nurse and or doctor will prepare your vaccine, come out and ensure you’re ok to receive it, and administer it to your non dominant arm
  6. We ask you wait 15 minutes after your vaccine to ensure you are well and haven’t had any immediate reactions
  7. You’re off on your way, with increased immunity to influenza for 2020