Flu Vaccine Process

Thanks for reading this page about how to get your flu vaccine.

You have been directed to this page because you have been booked for a flu vaccination.
Here are some things we’d like you to do to prepare for your vaccine.

Arrive at your scheduled time

We will book 5 people per 30 minute slot, so if you are booked for 9am, 4 other people will be here at the same time. If you miss your slot please let us know by phone, and we will book you for another slot. We will not be able to fit you in if you come late or attend without an appointment.

Line up to the right of our entrance.

There are marked spots on the floor from 1-5, please stand in these positions until the person before you has received their vaccine and is sitting down.

Waiting spots for flu vaccine

Wear appropriate clothing

Wear something that can expose your upper arm. A singlet or a loose fitted t-shirt is ideal

If getting a private flu vaccine – please screenshot your payment confirmation

As the demand for flu vaccines is very high this year, most suppliers are not releasing stock without pre payment.
In order to ensure we can continue supplying the vaccine, all private stock must be paid for before it is given.
We thank you for  your understanding.

Let us know if you can’t make it

If you have a fever, or are feeling unwell and aren’t up for getting your vaccine, please let us know as soon as practically possible.
We will ensure you can still receive your vaccine at a later date, but can book someone else earlier.