Pfizer vaccines at GSH

Pfizer Vaccine at GSH from Saturday 10th of July 1:30pm

To be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine at GSHealth, all you need is;

  1. If 16-39, be eligible in phases 1a, 1b, 2a (learn more here) – bring evidence of eligibility if not a patient of GSH already – or sign page 1 of the eligibility declaration form and bring it with you (please download the eligibility declaration form here)
  2. Have a valid medicare card (if you do not have a medicare card, please read this)
  3. If aged 40-59 or under (this applies now to all phases) – you must bring a photo ID
  4. If over 60 you can receive the Pfizer vaccine only if you are an aged care worker OR have already received your first dose of Pfizer OR have developed anaphylaxis or TTS (clots) associated with the first dose of AstraZeneca
  5. Fill in our online consent form and questionnaire
  6. Bring your arm to be vaccinated!

Please DO NOT call to book, but use our website or the HotDoc app to book.

Booking and getting the vaccine

When booking the vaccine through HotDoc – please click on book appointment instead of clicking on “Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic” so you can choose the appropriate vaccine first.
This will then show you appointments that are available.

Please watch the video below about what to do on the day, but in a nutshell;

  • Once your booking is confirmed, complete the consent form and new patient registration if applicable
  • Bring your eligibility evidence (health summary from your GP, ID if an at-risk profession, or eligibility vaccination form)
  • Arrive on the day no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your vaccine appointment allocation if possible – and come to the FRONT of the clinic (Astrazeneca is on Thursdays and at the BACK of the clinic for reference)
  • We will call people to the front of the line as per their appointment times (like at the airport when you’re nearing departure time- “2 pm appointments, please come to the front” – so there is little benefit in arriving very early) – if you are late, however, we will ask you to join the back of the queue
  • Please ensure you have short sleeves for easy access to your left deltoid if possible. Even if right-handed, we would prefer to give it to the left arm unless there is a medical reason we can not (mastectomy, lymph node clearance, lymphodaema, AV fistula for dialysis, amputation – etc) – once you are inside the waiting room, please take off jackets, long sleeve jumpers and have your shoulder ready for your injector
  • When lining up to enter the clinic, please have your medicare card and ID out and ready to show our staff so we can give you a sticker
    Once you’ve been given a sticker, our admin inside will call you in to check you have arrived and offer you a seat.

Soon after this one of our injectors (nurses and doctors) will call you in, check your name and eligibility, and give you the vaccine to your left arm.
We will print you a copy of the batch details you have received for your own record but will upload them to the AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) at the end of the vaccine session.

Once you’ve received the vaccine, move to the waiting area at the back of the clinic, and wait for 15 minutes after your vaccine (30 minutes if you have a history of anaphylaxis to anything). A staff member will be at the back to help with any booking issues for the second vaccine and provide links for reporting side effects and any other info.

Once this time has passed you will be free to go, congratulations!