Reasons your doctor may order an iron infusion instead of prescribing iron tablets;

  • Significant iron deficiency that has not responded to oral iron supplements, or iron supplements not tolerated due to side effects or inability to take them daily
  • Iron deficiency with malabsorption conditions such as coeliac disease, or other gastrointestinal disorders (Crohn’s disease)
  • Iron deficiency with heart failure
  • Iron deficiency in pregnancy (from 16 weeks’ gestation)
  • Ongoing losses exceeding absorptive capacity (whilst the cause is being investigated and treated)
  • Chronic renal impairment also requiring erythropoietin stimulation agents

How do I get an iron infusion in Sydney?

  1. Have a prescription from your doctor for an intravenous iron solution
  2. A letter from your doctor stating the dose they would like given (single or over several sessions), your recent iron results (ferritin), your haemoglobin level, allergies, pregnancy status (gestation >16 weeks if pregnant), and reason for infusion if there is no current absolute deficiency (pre operation, recurring infusion for chronic medical condition etc)
  3. Book an appointment at GS Health online via this website or HotDoc, or by calling us on 02 9699 8111
  4. Read and sign the consent form, your nurse will go through this with you again on the day
  5. Collect your iron from the pharmacy
  6. Bring your iron to your appointment and let the staff know you’ve arrived (or you can check in via our kiosk)

You or your doctor can download the referral template in PDF form here, or for medical practitioners using Best Practice you can download a referral template here.

If you see a doctor at GS Health for your iron, then you won’t need a referral letter as your doctor will generally order the iron directly in your notes.

If you book an iron infusion online as a new patient, one of our staff will contact you to clarify if any of the above information is missing or incomplete.